Album Review


Instruments of Pain

Almost like a 12-step program for the crestfallen, Instruments of Pain moves onward to “Words Spoken.” The album’s signature meditative beats and hypnotic lyrical repetitions draw listeners in once again, but nothing is predictable. Sorrow takes a seat as Litvin’s words reflect the bitter and enraged portion of a breakup: Fuck you, you ruined my life, I loved you.

As the album closes in on its end, “Stockholm Street” proves to be a musical treasure about Litvin’s cats while “Fantasy” makes reference to Litvin’s delusion of an unborn daughter with his ex. “If I Could Take It” brings us back to Dreamland Magic Spells again and “Somebody Else” is the age-old story of an ex finding another lover: “You know I’d wait for you / but it looks like you found another life / with somebody else.”

As the album ends with “My Love,” Litvin takes his final bow by showing off his immense range of musical talent. Listeners experience soaring guitars, soothing melodies, and an outro of pseudo optimistic affirmations. “Maybe one day I’ll really like the person that I have become” and “Maybe one day I’ll feel better” are only a few of these thoughts before beginning the somber but honest chant that ends Instruments of Pain: “Maybe not.”

If Litvin and his listeners don’t feel better, at least Litvin can take comfort in the therapy of his creation, while others can listen to Instruments of Pain for a flawless hour of escape and solace.

Instruments of Pain is the 8th full length studio album that Litvin has released under his actual name and the 16th formal release including works with other bands, projects under different monikers, and soundtracks. The new album and more from Litvin’s catalog can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Apple Music, and over 50 additional digital music platforms.

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